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Welcome to Webminer Proxy! This proxy listing website has the newest proxy for users, which need to unblock the firewall in different situations. Those proxies are compatible with majority of the mainstream website, including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, etc. Unlike the VPN or other methods of unblocking the firewall, there is no installation needed for all of the proxies. This has the easist, best and smooth user experience for every computer users.

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URLProxy TypeHitsDate Added 12/23/2014
http://gogoweb.nameGlype1244 11/27/2014
http://web-miner.nameGlype1184 11/27/2014

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URLProxy TypeHitsDate Added
http://http://ealder.gqGlype54 05/01/2016
http://http://ernard.gqGlype57 05/01/2016
http://http://waldu.gqGlype54 05/01/2016
http://http://behrtio.gqGlype53 05/01/2016
http://http://friffin.mlGlype47 05/01/2016
http://http://behrtio.mlGlype38 05/01/2016
http://http://theny.mlGlype39 05/01/2016
http://http://bedde.mlGlype44 05/01/2016
http://http://conbeorht.gaGlype44 05/01/2016
http://http://earod.gaGlype46 05/01/2016
http://http://lewe.gaGlype47 05/01/2016
http://http://drica.gaGlype48 05/01/2016
http://http://narder.gaGlype42 05/01/2016
http://http://potte.gaGlype45 05/01/2016
http://http://wayte.gaGlype40 05/01/2016

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